Reports can be generated by:

  • Reference List (Incident Source, Incident Type, Investigation Type, Proposed Actions, Quality Assurances, Feedback Option, Sites) See Example
  • Masterfile List (Customers, Suppliers, Email Accounts, Products, Employees, Departments)
  • Incident List (By Date, Month, Site, Incident Source, Incident Family, Department, Product, Customer, Investigation Type, Proposed Action, Final Decision, Time Elapsed, Status, Accountable, Justification Status)
  • Statistics (Occurrence, Cost, Accountability, Justification Status)
  • Audit Log (User, Table Name, Field Name, Date) See Example

  • Step 1: Click on XML Reports.
  • Step 2: Click on (+) sign to expand or (-) sign to colapse list. Select the item.
  • Step 3: Click preview button to preview the report. (The list can be printed directly or sent to Excel or PDF format).

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