Add Complaint

Step 1: Click on Incident Management.

Step 2: Click on New

Step 3: Click on the Lookup, a windows will open to select Site. A double click on the selected row will insert the data automatically.

* Note to be taken that References Menu and Master Files must be duly updated BEFORE proceeding with a new complaint. Click Here

Step 4 : Click on the Lookup to select Customer.

  • 5: Details will be automatically uploaded.

Step 6: Click on Lookup to select User

Step 7: Click on Lookup to select Source.

Step 8: Click on the empty space and then click New (No.2)

Step 9: A new line will be added.

Step 10, 12, 13: Click on arrow to display a drop down list menu to chose the Incident Type, Department, In-charge.

Step 11: Click on the look up to insert details about the complaint.

Step 14: Click on Save

Step 15: If a product is concern then Right Click to Insert Product OTHERWISE right click to Insert Investigation

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