Creation of Login, Passwords and Access Rights

This procedure shows how to create a basic user in Sicorax HR, with the basic access rights.

  • Step 1: Click on Menu Configuration
  • Step 2: Click on icon Users

The following screen appears:

  • Step 3: Click on the icon CREATE as shown below:

  • Step 4: Input the UserName (this will be the login ID)
  • Step 5: Input a default password (which can be changed when entering the system)
  • Step 6: Input the full name of the user (Name and Surname)
  • Step 7: These fields MUST NOT BE TOUCHED - Leave as it is
  • Step 8: Click on SAVE icon

The next step consists in assigning access to menus

  • Step 9: Click on Menu Configuration
  • Step 10: Click on icon Group Members

  • Step 11: Click on User tab
  • Step 12: Choose an existing user from the drop-down list (Who's profile will be used to create a new user)

  • Step 13: Click on COPY tab
  • Step 14: Choose the user who has just been created. This new user shall have the same profile as an existing one.
  • Step 15: Click on the SAVE icon.

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