Use this form to create and maintain users of Sicorax Payroll.

User Code: This alphanumeric code identifies the user and must therefore be unique and in upper case.

Password: The user password. Can be left blank. The user can change his/her password from Sicorax Payroll.

Password Format: Input mask for the password. Use this option when your company has a password format policy.

For example, let's say a company as the following password policy:
- at least 1 letter in upper case A-Z
- at least 1 digit
- other characters must be letters or digits
- minimum of 8 characters long
- maximum of 15 characters long

Mask is : A0######|???????

Expiration Delay: Password expiration delay in days (as from current date). The expiration date is calculated and displayed in the column next to expiration delay. Within 5 days of the expiration date the user will start to receive reminders to change his/her password. If the password is not changed in time, the system will deactivate the user account, and the user will not be able to log in until the system administrator reset the account.

Account inactivity expiry delay: The account inactivity expiration delay in months. If an account is inactive for the specified number of months then it is automatically deactivated by the system. To reactivate the account the system administrator must check the active flag.

Max invalid login attempts: Number of invalid login attempts after which the system exits. Note that all invalid login attempts are logged.

Password history size: Password history size, which must be a value between 0 and 4, where 0 implies that password history is not activated. The system uses the password history to validate a new password. It prevents the user from reusing a previously used password.

Unique user ID: This identifier can be used among the client's applications to uniquely identify the user.

Language: The user can choose to work in English or French.

Database List: The database list limits a user's access to certain databases only. You must separate each database name with a comma like : database1,database2.

Workstation: You can limit a user's access to the system from a specific workstation.

Force password change: Forces the user to change his/her password on next login.

Active Flag: Indicates if the user account is activated or deactivated.

Allow DB Sync: Allow a user to activate new updates. If a user cannot activate new updates, he will be prompted to contact the system administrator to activate the new update. Only then will he be able to access the system.

Additional Information

Password Mask Definition

The password mask is divided into 2 parts: Required and Optional part. Each part is separated by the special character | (this character cannot be used elsewhere in the mask).

Required mask authorised characters:

Mask Value Description
0 0-9 digit only
A A-Z upper case letter only
a a-z lower case letter only
# 0-9 A-Z a-z letter/digit
& any any letters and digits

Optional mask authorised characters:

Mask Value Description
9 0-9 digit only
L A-Z upper case letter only
l a-z lower case letter only
? 0-9 A-Z a-z letter/digit
C any any letters and digits


(at least 1 upper case letter, at least 1 digit, 6 letters or digits, min/max of 8 characters)

(at least 1 upper case letter, at least 1 digit, 6 letters or digits, min of 8 characters, max of 15 characters, with 7 optional letters or digits, blank not allowed)

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