Social Audit

The steps to the Social Audit are as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on Menu Reports
  • Step 2: Click on icon Social Audit

  • Step 3: Choose From Date
  • Step 4: Choose To Date
  • Step 5: Choose Company
  • Step 6: Choose the staff movement from the following drilldown:
    • Employee Type, Job Group
    • Employee Type, Job Description
    • Employee Type, Employee Category
    • Job Group, Employee Type
    • Job Group, Employee Category
    • Job Group, Job Description
    • Job Description, Job Group
    • Employee Category, Job Group
    • Employee Category, Job Description
    • Employee Category, Employee Type
  • Step 7: Select one of the four dashboards namely; Staff Movement, Absenteeism, Health and Safety and Training
  • Step 8: Click on View

The above criteria illustrate the following dashboards:

Staff Movement


Health and Safety



Personal Tools